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A podcast that talks about interpersonal stories of people who have used the power of remote work to have unconventional experiences in their lives. The outliers and the change makers. We dig deep into their learnings, mistakes and wisdom derived from their adventure with remote working. 

July 11, 2020. Introduction

Why Remote Explorers Podcast?

To kick off the Remote Explorers Podcast, Shahzada and Mayur discuss what remote work is, and especially answer why remote working is something to discuss at all. Listen to Episode →
August 26, 2020. Episode 08

Alex Hillman: The Space Explorer​

Alex is one of the pioneers of the global coworking industry. That also makes him a pioneer in the remote work movement! Alex has written down his learnings in his first-ever book, Tiny MBA, which released on 26th August 2020. Listen to Episode →

August 19, 2020. Episode 07

Vanshika Mehta: The Story of a Storyteller

Vanshika is a brand storyteller and communications consultant. She is currently working as a freelancer, enabling SMB’s to communicate clearly and crisply. Listen to Episode →

August 12, 2020. Episode 06

Ambika Bhardwaj: Lost or found?(In Paradise)

Ambika is a travel writer, photographer, and a mountain lover. She left her corporate career in 2017 to explore the road less traveled. She now lives near old Manali in a place called paradise valley. Listen to Episode →

August 5, 2020. Episode 05

Jubin Mehta: The Journey Within

Jubin is a writer who began his career from Bangalore and moved to Himachal Pradesh in 2013. From there on, he has been involved in several activities ranging from farming to eco-architecture to meditation. Listen to Episode →

July 29, 2020. Episode 04

Andrew: The Slowmad who Insures Nomads

Andrew is co-founder and CEO of Insured Nomads, a global health insurance company. He is an insurance industry veteran who has lived in over 20 countries. Listen to Episode →
July 22, 2020. Episode 03

Shruti Chaturvedi: Bombay to Goa via Remote Work

Shruti started her venture, Chaaipani Media, at 22. Chaaipani now boasts 2 million subscribers and 40 member strong team. Listen to Episode →
July 11, 2020. Episode 02

Akshay Kanthi: Moving from Bangalore to a remote Village in Himachal.

Akshay Kanthi is a mentor and co-founder at MountBlue Technologies. He talks about his shift from chemical engineering to IT and experiences of living in offbeat remote places in Himachal. Listen to Episode →
July 11, 2020. Episode 01

Abhash Kumar: Springworks goes Remote.

Abash Kumar, Head of marketing at Springworks talks about plans of his company to go fully remote in the coming future. He will give us some insights into how Springworks supported its employees during the lockdown period. Listen to Episode


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